Youth Sustainability Education

The Abundance Foundation is in a unique situation in that we are housed in an “Eco-Industrial Park” with an amazing collective of “green” businesses and projects. The anchor is Piedmont Biofuels, which is a sustainable biodiesel manufacturer and co-op. We have a renowned Harvard-trained farmer, Doug Jones, “Farmer of the Year” in 2009, who runs a 3+ acre vegetable farm, Piedmont Biofarm. We have educational “biodiversity” gardens and a medicinal herb garden too. There is a playground for little kids, a garden sized chess board, and a swing set. The experience of visiting this 14-acre site always leaves a lasting impression. This setting is ripe for a creative and engaging educational experience for both the tours and summer camp.local food camp

As we all head into uncertain times both environmentally and economically, it is crucial for kids to learn that they are part of the solution. Through our tours, workshops and summer camps, youth participants will develop a sense of ownership and start to understand the importance of local economy and the inter-relatedness of all things.

To help foster stewards of our future, we offer: