youth sustainability tours

On our Youth Sustainability Tours, Piedmont Biofuels teaches the kids about biodiesel, solar energy, conservation, aquaponics, and local economy. The second half of the tour is with Farmer Doug Jones, who leads the students up and down the bountiful rows of his farm to explore the incredible biodiversity needed to sustainably grow and harvest food for the community. After the tour, kids and chaperones alike gain a greater sense of where our food and energy comes from and why renewable energy and sustainable agriculture are integral to a balanced and healthy future in Chatham County.

Our Youth Sustainability Tours cover the latest topics on renewable energy and local food including:

  • Green Building – Strawbale construction, passive solar design, The Abundance Foundation’s “Office of the Future”, photovoltaics & solar thermal applications in action
  • Biofuels – learn how biodiesel is made from french fry grease!
  • Aquaponics – learn about how tilapia (an herbivorous white fish) can be raised with duckweed (a plant that grows in the water)
  • Sustainable Agriculture – Solar double cropping, hydroponic vegetable production, constructed wetlands where water is cleaned before returning to the environment & biodiversity plantings

Go home with tons of new and exiting knowledge and a special Eco-Industrial Plant Puzzle to remember your experience on Lorax Lane!

The Youth Sustainability Tours target K-12 students, camps and families of all kinds. Tours typically last 1-2 hours depending on grade level, and content can be tailored by tourguides and instructors to suit the grade level as well as the focus of the classroom curriculum.]

Each visitor to the Plant is guaranteed to leave thinking differently about renewable energy, local food, and inspired community.  That’s our mission.  It’s what we do.  And we feel we might as well bring the kids along for the ride.

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eco-industrial tours

Every First Friday of the month @ 10:00 a.m., The Abundance Foundation and Piedmont Biofuels give free tours of “The Plant”; home to Piedmont Biofuels Industrial, Eastern Carolina Organics, Piedmont Biofarm, Screech Owl Greenhouses, Green Door Design Build, EcoBlend, organic pesticides and herbicides, a Biodiversity Pollinator Garden project, Vermiculture; Carolina Worm Castings, Honey Bees, and The Abundance Foundation’s new off grid “office of the future.” Guests can see both sustainability and community in action as we mix industrial renewable fuel with big chess, bright colors and a very symbiotic campus!

Every single Sunday @ 1.00 p.m., we also give tours. Bring your family, bring your friends! Directions to 220 Lorax Lane, Pittsboro are here.
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