in gratitude…

The Abundance Foundation would not be where we are if it were not for our partners.  We receive valuable education, ideas, shoulders to cry on, folks to drink champagne with, sometimes funding and sometimes cheering.  We are thankful for them every day.

  • Angelina's KitchenAngelina’s Kitchen – “local food with a greek twist!”  We utilize Angelina all the time for catering events and meetings.  They are uber local!  Angelina puts the local farmer first.  Their philosophy is that buying from the local farms is both a good business practice and good for our community and environment.  Angelina’s Kitchen is a pioneer in the local food movement.
  • Briar ChapelBriar Chapel team – largest green built new homed community in NC, has been instrumental in helping us put on the Amazing Pepper Festival, their Earth Day event’s  proceeds go to the Abundance Foundation and we are embarking on a new Chatham County School effort to increase nutrition in the children’s lunches.
  • Carolina Wormcasting-Ben Reckendorf is always willing to educate the kids and adults whether it is on a tour or traveling to visit groups such as the Girl Scouts.  We appreciate his dedication to the community and for always thinking of us!
  • Central Carolina Community College-we love working with the Sustainable Agriculture program, the Natural Chef Culinary Program and the Sustainability Technologies Program.  CCCC is one of the reasons our area is so strong in food and energy!
  • Chatham Marketplace-only the best co-op in the land!  We appreciate all of their amazing lunches, their focus on local food and their commitment to the community.
  • Larry’s Beans-as Larry said himself, they are making the world better and their venue is organic, fair trade coffee.  They walk the walk and they challenge us to be better.  We thank Larry’s Bean’s for sponsoring our DIY Sustainability Workshops and for all the help along the way.
  • Nick MeyerNick Meyer-happened upon our project last year and we couldn’t be happier.  Yes, Nick is multi-dimensionally eccentric, and we’ve grown to love him.  He not only helps advise us, but he goes and gets his hands dirty.  His favorite thing is to start doing.  Nick is instrumental in our Community Garden project and also the PLENTY.
  • Whole Foods-we’ve been working with Whole Foods ever since we collaborated on Feed the Farm in 2007, had a mini festival and produced a local music CD for the cause!  Whole Foods has been incredibly generous with their 5% days, their event sponsorships and also donates supplies to our workshops on a regular basis.
  • Southern Energy Management-we have a special place for SEM, the largest solar installer in North Carolina…we can say that we knew them when they were working out of the back of their car and wow, have they grown and blossomed!  Not only were they involved in our very first Abundance Solar Project, but Maria has been a wonderful board member and advisor.  Emily Boynton is also connected to SEM and one of our newest board members.
  • Weaver Street RealtyWeaver Street Realty-is one of the only thriving real estate companies during a very down market…and why is this?  Because they are awesome.  They do things right the first time.  We appreciate their great ideas and their sponsorships and of course sweet Gary is on our board.
  • Piedmont Biofuels-we are very tied to Piedmont Biofuels.  For good reason, they are one of the reasons we exist.  The Abundance Foundation idea came out of Piedmont Biofuels.  We work closely, we collaborate on tours and workshops and they sometimes sponsor us.  McCayne and Rachel and Lyle work there and we appreciate all that Piedmont Biofuels brings to the table.
  • Piedmont Biofarm-Farmer Doug Joneswe are also very tied to Piedmont Biofarm.  Farmer Doug Jones, (2009 CFSA farmer of the year) shares our vision of education and we also collaborate on tours and of course the Amazing Pittsboro Pepper Festival.  The farm brings a lot of authenticity to Abundance and we’ve learned a lot from them!

There are more partners….and we’ll be adding them over the next few months!