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The Abundance Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of The PLENTY, which is an acronym for “Piedmont Local Economy Tender,” which is our local currency.

One measure of the health of a local economy lies in monetary circulation—that is, the number of times a dollar passes from hand to hand before it leaves town completely.

By using the PLENTY we ensure dollars stay in our economy permanently.  In Pittsboro, PLENTYs can be exchanged at Capital Bank for U.S. dollars, so there is no threat of getting stuck with more local currency than you can spend. In Pittsboro, some companies pay their staff with PLENTYs.

PLENTYs are widely accepted at local businesses, including two local grocery stores, and by landlords, realtors, and restaurants such that you can meet almost all of your spending needs in PLENTYs, and know that your consumer dollars stick around to enrich us all.

We think the PLENTY’s website is a lot of fun and it offers a much deeper insight into the history, the philosophy, and the reality of this famous local currency.

You can donate to the PLENTY by:

Or Mail your check to:
c/o The Abundance Foundation
220 Lorax Lane #5
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Or using secure Paypal:

Large Plenty Proof

Own a piece of PLENTY history!

These are crisp, uncirculated and unserialized proofs framed for the collector.

Available in a large frame with all PLENTY bills or in a small frame with your choice of a single bill.

The complete framed proof set, including frame, measures 15.25 inches wide and 14.5 inches high and is $180. (includes tax & shipping) This set includes the one (heron), five (lily), ten (turtle), twenty (rabbit), and 50 (vulture).

The small proof set, including frame, is 9.25 x 9.25 and is $93 which includes tax & shipping. Currently available are the five (lily), ten (turtle), twenty (rabbit), and 50 (vulture). Please note that the Single (1) Heron Proofs are no longer available.

Small Plenty Proof