How slow money works

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Help us make a matching grant by September 2013!

F4DC, a local foundation, has recognized the great work we are doing and has offered $5,000 in matching funds to help us keep building our project.  This funding will help us pay for part-time administrative staff to help us make even more new loans possible!

We have catalyzed over 80 loans totaling nearly $1,000,000! We estimate the actual cost of facilitating each loan is $250 – $400.   Your donation helps make the next loan possible.

Thank you!


or mail a check to:

The Abundance Foundation (please indicate “Slow Money NC” in the memo line)
220 Lorax Lane #5
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Slow Money NC

We are a  non-profit project, organized along the Slow Money principles. Many of us have “investments.”  Most of which travel the globe at the speed of light and have no relationship to us, or the products we use, or to the community which is North Carolina. We think we need to change that.  And we would like you to get involved.

We match people who want to make a difference by making affordable loans to local food entrepreneurs – growers, processors, restaurant owners, bakers, and the like – who have compelling needs for capital to fund their local food projects.  Read all about it by clicking here.

You can contact us at