At Abundance we are charged with “inspiring community.”  One way we do this is local economythrough our active engagement in the local economy.  We stage events that bring lots of visitors to our town, and we hold workshops on skills that make people more resilient in hard economic times.  We also act as the fiscal sponsor for two fascinating and exciting “local economy” projects:  Slow Money, which is about re-capitalizing our local food shed, and The PLENTY, which is our local currency.

Local Economy creates better communities with more locally owned businesses, higher standards of living and is better for the environment.  It is the practice of seeking out local food, local fuel, purchasing from the smaller “mom and pop” businesses and possibly paying a little more.  Knowing your farmer is a local economy practice and with all the food based disease from big agriculture these days, we believe that getting to know your farmer is all important.  Keeping our community vibrant and healthy is in our mission.