YardSproutYardSprout – Visioning a New Agrarian Economy

YardSprout aims to build a technology ecosystem and related services to enable a rapid transition to local food economies, everywhere! Our technology, programs and services will help expand a new “industry” of expert gardeners and urban farmers to help grow food producing gardens at residential yards, schools, campuses, businesses, and places of worship in towns and cities across the U.S.


YardSprout aims to help build a new agrarian economy. We will facilitate the cultivation of food in over 1 million residential yards, 300,000 school yards, and additional properties in the U.S. by connecting available land to expert gardeners, edible landscaping companies, and urban farmers.

YardSprout will develop a unique blend of technology tools, community programs and entrepreneurial support to help create viable economic paths for millions of urban and rural residents in an emergent local food ecosystem. We seek to tip the balance of power from large-scale agribusiness and petro-chemical intensive farming to vibrant, diverse and efficient local food supply chains.

This shift will involve the transformation of the landscaping industry into a more productive, higher skilled and higher value edible landscaping industry. We will help support opportunities for neighborhood gardeners and urban farmers to earn income through garden installation, maintenance, training, harvesting, processing and marketing food grown in their communities. We will give a breath of life to struggling garden centers and nurseries, and create go-to-market opportunities for a range of compost-pick-up, CSA (veggie box delivery), canning and preserving, and other micro agri-businesses.

Our Team

YardSprout Founder Andrew Pearson is a 34-year-old Carrboro resident, with a women’s history degree from UNC-CH and an MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School. He has served as national coordinator of the Student Environmental Action Coalition, lead organizer of the NC Peace & Justice Coalition, manager of Internationalist Books, finance chair of Resource Generation’s board of directors, and co-founder of HomeTownRent.com, the nation’s leading platform of local rental advertising websites.

Andrew combines his passion for local foods and environmental sustainability with skill sets in social justice organizing, social ventures and technology. He believes in the power and possibility of hybrid business models that combine income generating opportunities with grassroots social movements to effect large scale economic transformation. YardSprout’s growing team includes programmer Rob Morris, gardener and web designer Kim Herold and 10 other advisors and key supporters.