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The Abundance Foundation loves to collaborate and in fact we think it is a huge strength of ours. So, thank you for being a Partner!

Each Partnership is different depending on the needs and goals of the group or organization. We put together some guidelines to make communication and working together even that much easier!

Abundance Responsibilities:

Abundance legally acts as the umbrella organization that handles funds. That means that when a donation is made, we account for it, send out the IRS tax receipts and thank you letters so that person or company can deduct from their taxes. Our Federal ID number is used for those funds. Therefore, checks must be made out to The Abundance Foundation.

Abundance keeps track of the incoming funds and can also make payments necessary for the project. We need an itemized list/receipts in order to make these payments. Again, we have an accountant that keeps track of funds coming in and funds going out. We appreciate transparency and share reports on a monthly basis with our partners so that they see what funds have come in and what funds have gone out.

Abundance  accepts credit cards through google checkout and we have a 5% fee to do this…we take that fee out of the cost of the project.

Abundance has a growing email list serve and markets and communicates all the different projects and events on a monthly or twice a month basis.

Abundance keeps a website current with all the projects and information.

Abundance has a wonderful board of directors who review each fiscal sponsorship partnership and offer wisdom and advice.

Partner’s Responsibilities:

Abundance will collect 15% minimum of the overall project funding in order to pay overhead and salaries. It’s important for non-profits to be able to pay for their staff, rent, electricity, phone, accounting etc.

**Please make sure that donations are marked for your organization. Sometimes our donors are your donors and your donors are our donors….so to keep things perfectly clear, make sure the donor adds a note on their check or paperwork that says: “for XYZ fantastic cause”.  Partners are responsible for keeping receipts and supplying information to Abundance that we need for IRS filing.

Abundance would like their logo and website on any materials that go out…co-marketing for the program. We will send you a high resolution logo and paragraph about our organization to add to yours.

Abundance would like recognition on your website and newsletters. It helps us to get our name out there so we can spread the abundance!

Again, each project is different and there may be other areas to discuss….we look forward to working with you and to meeting everyone’s goals of an increase in local food, renewable energy and of course, community!