We understand that you want your hard earned money to hit the ground and go to work on creating a post-carbon economy, and we think we are a good way to ensure that action happens.

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Being family has its perks…

If you feel passionately about our mission and love attending our educational programs and fun community-building events, please consider becoming Abundance Family, wherein we can set you up to give recurring monthly contributions so you don’t have to think about it. Our Abundance Family are closest to our hearts, help keep us afloat, and are our biggest fans. Being part of the Family comes with special treatment, of course…

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We appreciate your support…

We’ve also been known to take diesel cars, solar panels and rare art. We can turn it around and do a lot with a little! Or if you’d like, you can give to a specific program or event, or administrative and operational costs.

No matter what, your contribution will be put into action toward creating a more resilient community, a stronger local food system and an increase in renewable energy.