The Transformative Life

Saturday, March 2, 10am-2pm

Located at The Plant, 220 Lorax Lane, Pittsboro, NC. For directions, click here.

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What we eat affects how we think and feel and how we think and feel affects how we eat. This can either be a vicious cycle that leads to dis-ease within the body and mind or a liberating experience of vibrant health. Catalyze your highest visions of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness in this inspiring workshop with Ron Veitel and Jaime Powell.

Through various activities including discussion, movement and writing, become more intimate with your own body and connection to food while exploring the spiritual significance of the foods we eat.

From these activities, distill practical, easy-to-apply, life-enhancing steps for creating healthy eating habits and thinking patterns around food that can dramatically transform your life as you move into 2013.

Jaime D. Powell

Jaime Powell is a beautiful and wonderful woman, an ally for humanity, and has worked extensively and playfully for 12 years cultivating a unique and powerful way of supporting
people through transformative times, through the use of yoga, creative writing, and facilitating lively discussion among equal, conscious partners.

Ron Veitel
Ron Veitel is the founder of Earth Spirit Nutrition, whose goal is to bring health and healing with nutrition into and beyond the physical body by nourishing the essence of life within the human being and facilitating the experience of vibrant health. Drawing from modern scientific insights and ancient alchemical wisdom Ron approaches nutrition from a truly holistic perspective that takes into account the relationship between the physiology, the soul, and the spirit and how they work in harmony to shape ones quality of life. Ron has lectured extensively about the powerful synergistic relationship between food and the human physiology throughout the United States and Canada.

Registration information

Workshop is limited to 20 participants. Cost is $55, lunch is included.  Pre-registration and payment required.

Or mail your check to:
The Abundance Foundation
220 Lorax Lane #5
Pittsboro, NC 27312


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