Abundance Workshops Do it yourself – Do it together! Find out how to do it, make it, bake it, grow it, and fix it.

*Thank You* to our workshop sponsors: Whole Foods of Chapel Hill and another big *thank you* to  Larry’s Beans for their ongoing support!  Thanks to the Feather Foundation for sponsoring the Fall and Winter workshops in 2012!

*one work trade available per workshop – interested? email wow@theabundancefoundation.org

2012 workshops

Homemade and Homegrown Food (and stuff) SWAP! in Pittsboro. Sunday, December 9th – 2 – 4 pm.  Get together with your neighbors, fellow gardeners and DIYers and SWAP! (What we swap is going to depend on YOU!) Pre-registration required **FREE**

Coming up in 2013:

Backyard Poultry Intensive Workshop, January 12, 9am-5pm in Burlington

Beginning Cheese Making – in Pittsboro with Laurel Schulman – February 3,  1 pm – 4:30 pm.

Valentines’ Day Wine and Cheese Soiree, for couples, with Laurel Schulman – February 14, 7 – 9 pm (more info soon)

The Transformative Life, in Pittsboro with Ron Veitel and Jaime Powell – March 2, 2013.

More Workshops coming soon!

Interested in teaching a workshop or have other workshop ideas? Contact us!

Successful 2012 Workshops

Backyard Poultry Intensive 2013 PREVIEW, Tuesday, November 27 in Burlington at 7pm

Canning 101, with Ali and Ben from This & That Jam, in Pittsboro.

Meadmaking with Ben and Becky Starr, of Starrlight Mead, in Pittsboro.

Soapmaking with Alan Russo, Saturday, October 20th in Pittsboro

Introduction to Aquaponics in Pittsboro - This workshop SOLD OUT! Saturday, September 29, 2012 – 10 am -2 pm. Join Mike Yablonski and Gregory Louie to learn about Aquaponics….a self contained, sustainable system for growing fish and veggies.

Meadmaking with Ben and Becky Starr, of Starrlight Mead in Burlington, Sunday, September 30th 12-4pm.  Go home with a gallon of Mead!

Intro to Fermentation with Adam Fisher in Pittsboro, Sunday, September 30th 1-4pm.  Bring wide mouth mason jars!

Water into Wine at Pickard’s Mtn Eco-Institute, Chapel Hill September 22nd

Sustainable Beekeeping with Catherine Adamson in PittsboroSaturday, September 8th - 10 am – 2 pm  - Join Catherine Adamson of Chapel Hill Bees LLC to explore the ins and outs of sustainable beekeeping. This workshop is ideal for those with no previous experience with bees or for hobbyists who want to explore a different way of keeping bees.

Homemade and Homegrown Food (and stuff) SWAP! in Pittsboro. Sunday, September 2nd – 2 – 4 pm.

Elderberries, the super fruit! with Rodger Lenhardt in Pittsboro. Saturday, August 11th. 10am to 2pm. $45 per person ($55 with Lunch)

Planning a Fall & Winter Garden! in Pittsboro - Saturday, July 28th – 10 am – 2 pm

Permaculture Principles with Terri Gardner – $40 Saturday, May 5 10am to 2pm

Worm Bin Composting with Terri Gardner – $50 with worms or $35 without Sunday, May 6 1pm to 3pm

Soap Making Demonstration with Alan Russo – $15 Saturday and Sunday April 28 & 29 9am to 5pm

Introduction to off-grid and grid-tied PV systems – Rebekah Hren $295 Sunday, April 22 1pm to 4:30pm

Advanced Cheese Making with Laurel Shulman – $50 Saturday, April 14

Fungi 101 and Mushroom Log Cultivation – Bob Armantrout – $30 @ Company Shops Market, Burlington’s Food Coop Sunday, April 15 1pm to 4:30pm

Do-it-yourself Cheese Making with Laurel Shulman – $50 Sunday, March 25 1pm to 4pm Growing and making your own medicine – Kim Calhoun – $40 Saturday, March 24 10am to 2pm

Effective Communication Using Video – David Hughens – $25 Saturday, March 3 9am to 3:30 pm

Manifesting Abundance with Lisa Dion – $75 (Student rate – $50) Saturday, March 10 10am to 2pm

Elderberries, the super fruit with Rodger Lenhart – $45 Saturday, March 10

Sustainable Beekeeping with Catherine Adamson – @ Company Shops Market, Burlington’s Food Coop – $40 Saturday, March 17 10am to 2pm

Intro to Aquaponics with Mike Yablonski and Nancy Wisniewski – $40 Saturday, February 11

Do-it-yourself Cheese Making with Laurel Shulman – $40 Saturday, February 25 Advanced Cheese Making with Laurel Shulman – $40 – 10am to 2pm

Perfect Biscuits and Scones, Simple Muffins and Quick Breads with Karen Birbeck – $

Larry's Beans

40, includes lunch

As always, a big thanks to our sponsors! Whole Foods Chapel Hill

Elderberries – Bringing America’s Super Fruit into the Modern Age