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We sell some fantastic books on sustainability topics by local authors as well as national authors and local organic tshirts, locally made soaps and some random stuff…..
We’ll have this up and ready for purchase in the next few weeks…we want to make your experience better online!  You can always come by the office if you are looking for any of these things too!

All proceeds go to the Abundance Foundation, helping to fund local food, renewable energy & community projects.

2013 Pepper Festival organic cotton t-shirt

photo 1Made by TS Designs with organic cotton and water-based dyes. All vendors, bands, and sponsors listed on back. Unisex style. $20 + $5 shipping.




Small Stories, Big Changes - by Lyle Estill
Category: book
Price: $17.95
Shipping: $2.95
Description: Unflinchingly honest and compulsively readable, Small Stories, Big Changes provides an intimate look at the personal experience of being a pioneer in the sustainability movement, laying bare the emotional, spiritual and financial impact of a life lived in the service of change. Activist, farmer, publisher, philosopher or entrepreneur; each writer has a unique personal tale to tell.

Financing Our Foodshed - Carol Peppe Hewitt
Category: Book
Price: $17.95
Shipping: $2.95
Description: Financing Our Foodshed: Growing Local Food with Slow Money is a collection of real life stories of some "Slow Money" pioneers and the local food entrepreneurs – sustainable farmers, bakers and restaurateurs – they have chosen to support.

Pepper Festival 2011 Beer Glass
Category: Drinkware
Price: $10.00
Shipping: $5.00
Description: Perfect for a tall glass of tobago pepper pale ale! Artwork by local artist Plastic Flame.
Extra Info: Free pick up at the Abundance Foundation in Pittsboro also available for local residents.

Industrial Evolution - Lyle Estill
Category: Book
Price: $17.95
Shipping: $4.00
Description: For many people, the word “industry” brings to mind images of sprawling factories belching toxic emissions in a blighted natural landscape. “Industrial” has become synonymous with pollution, human rights abuse, and corporate greed. In Industrial Evolution, Lyle Estill seeks to reclaim the term, with its original connotations of hard work, diligence and productivity, and to show how community-scale enterprise can create a vibrant, sustainable local economy. Industrial Evolution is a story of survival. It is about how the small group of committed entrepreneurs introduced in Small is Possible managed to keep their dream alive and thriving through the economic recession, emerging with a model of what a sustainable local economy might look like in a post carbon future. Compulsively readable and seasoned with light humor, this grassroots account demonstrates that ecological stewardship and enterprise at an appropriate scale can lay the foundation for abundance.

Industrial Evolution skips the doom and gloom and is all about solutions. By showing that it is possible to take the big out of industry, this book motivates people to work together in a meaningful way. Filled with inspirational tales of success, failure, perseverance, and real world experiences that anyone can relate to, Industrial Evolution is a must-read for activists, organizers, politicians, and anyone who cares about resilient communities.

Small is Possible - Lyle Estill
Category: Book
Price: $17.95
Shipping: $4.00
Description: In an era when incomprehensibly complex issues like Peak Oil and Climate Change dominate headlines, practical solutions at a local level can seem somehow inadequate.

In response, Lyle Estill's Small is Possible introduces us to "hometown security," with this chronicle of a community-powered response to resource depletion in a fickle global economy. True stories, springing from the soils of Chatham County, NC, offer a positive counter balance to the bleakness of our age.

This is the story of how one small southern U.S. town found actual solutions to actual problems. Unwilling to rely on government and wary of large corporations, these residents discovered it is possible for a community to feed itself, fuel itself, heal itself and govern itself.

This book is filled with newspaper columns, blog entries, letters and essays that have appeared on the margins of small town economies. Tough subjects are handled with humor and finesse. Compelling stories of successful small businesses from the grocery co-op to the biodiesel co-op describe a town and its people on a genuine quest for sustainability.

Everyone interested in sustainability, local economy, small business, and whole foods will be inspired by the success stories in this book.

Biodiesel Power - Lyle Estill
Category: Book
Price: $16.95
Shipping: $4.00
Description: Whether we are nearing the end of oil or merely nearing the end of inexpensive oil, it is becoming increasingly clear that we need to find alternative ways to meet our energy needs. Biodiesel is one such alternative -- and is one of the fastest growing sectors of the US economy.

Biodiesel in North America is in its infancy. As air quality deteriorates in major centers, governments are scrambling for ways to reduce emissions and are embracing biodiesel in their fleets. Conferences on biodiesel are often "inaugural," as society begins discussing this fuel in earnest.

Biodiesel Power is a chronicle of this emerging industry. Lightly touching on the technical aspects of the fuel, its qualities and specifications, the book is largely about the people and stories of the biodiesel movement. It explores the tensions between

* grassroots activists and their altruistic co-ops
* the profit minded commercial producers and the voices of agribusiness, and
* the current administration - or "the coalition of the drilling."

Far from a third party account, Biodiesel Power comes from one who has experienced it from the grease dumpster to the boardroom. Author Lyle Estill has made the journey from backyard brewing, to being part of a producer and distributor cooperative, to commercial production.

Compelling and timely, Biodiesel Power is the history of biodiesel in the making. It will appeal to a wide audience including farmers, truckers, backyarders and commercial producers, investors, politicians and all those concerned about the end of oil.