what we do

The Abundance Foundation educates folks on sustainability through DIY Workshops, Tours of an Eco-Industrial Park, loads of events and anyway we can.  Making learning fun is crucial and we weave festivity and good times throughout our programs.  Our mission:  The Abundance Foundation is a group of activists working to educate and empower the Piedmont about sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and local economy through hands-on workshops, community-building events and by actively engaging youth.

how we got started

The Abundance Foundation came into being in 2005.  The concept came out of two co-ops being formed: one was Chatham Marketplace, our local grocery co-op and the other was Piedmont Biofuels, our local fuel co-op. The organization was formed to educate the public on sustainability topics, specifically, local food, renewable energy, water quality, conservation and as we all know, you can’t do anything if you don’t have community! Learn more about our history.

the board of directors

We have a fantastic star-studded Board of Directors that all have one thing in common. Everyone is passionate about making a difference on this planet, making change and creating solutions.  Our board meetings are not typical. They are fun, inspiring and are all about what we can do!

the staff

Tami Schwerin is a founder and Executive Director of the Abundance Foundation and is surrounded by talent. Mary DeMare helps keep the myriad details, events, workshops and tours running smoothly.  Jenny Schnaak writes beautiful grants, juggles events and programs, juggles kids at summer camp and always with a twinkle in her eye.  The team is like a tornado when they get in a room.  The “women of wonder” as they are called all love to have fun and like to sparkle. Learn all about the staff.